• Where Should I Keep My Constants in Kotlin?

    There has recently been a discussion online about the best approach for storing global constants, or public static final fields in Javaspeak. This short article describes available options and points out some of the pitfalls you can run into. But before we start, let’s talk a bit about decompiling Kotlin... [Read More]
  • Unit Testing in Kotlin (KTUG Munich)

    In this presentation you’ll learn about ways in which Kotlin can improve the readability and maintainability of your unit tests. Kotlin is a very expressive language, and it’s a great tool for writing clean and readable tests. We’ll look into a number of great Kotlin features and frameworks that make... [Read More]
  • A Curious Case of Multiple Locales

    One of the features introduced in Android N is the possibility to select multiple languages in Settings (Language and Locale), which should enable the system to resolve app locales in a smarter way. Here’s how it works. [Read More]