Kotlin Multiplatform doesn’t need a formal introduction – while still considered experimental, it’s already helping teams around the world to share their business logic across multiple platforms. It’s like magic!

At Cash App we use Protocol Buffers to model the domain and establish communication between our server and client apps. We’re actively working on Wire – a library built at Square that parses proto files and generates platform-agnostic Kotlin code. Recently we’ve started experimenting with running generated code on non-JVM platforms, in hopes to someday share even more code between our apps – and so far it’s been a success!

In this talk, we’ll look at a demo that includes server and client apps that communicate using Protocol Buffers. You’ll learn more about how to write and consume Kotlin Multiplatform code on Android, server, and iOS, discover some proper use-cases and gotchas, and hopefully get all hyped up about this exciting technology!